Why Use Memories For Your Gown Preservation?

  • Save $100’s On Preservation vs. Local Dry Cleaners Who Are Not Experts
  • We’re The Nation’s Largest & Most Trusted Gown Preservation Co.
  • Trusted By The Largest Bridal Salon Chain In The Country
  • Truly GREEN Cleaning and Preservation Process
  • Lifetime Warranty on Work
  • FAST – 2-4 Week Preservation Once Gown Arrives at Memories
  • Great Customer Service

How It Works

Royal Line



  • Pre-paid order and shipping to our gown preservation location and back to your home
  • Earth-friendly and perc-free gown cleaning
  • Stain removal services
  • Anti-yellowing treatment
  • Steam finished
  • Your gown wrapped in acid-free tissue
  • Acid-free preservation container
  • $500 Declared Value Insurance
  • 30-year guarantee


Platinum Line



  • Pre-paid order and shipping to our gown preservation location and back to your home
  • Earth-friendly and perc-free gown cleaning by hand
  • Stain removal services
  • Anti-yellowing treatment
  • Hand pressed
  • Your gown wrapped in museum style muslin
  • We seal the box for extra protection
  • Acid-free preservation container
  • $1000 Declared Value Insurance
  • Lifetime guarantee


Maintain the Beauty of your Treasured Wedding Dress with Memories Gown Preservation

Memories Gown Preservation can help you remember the most romantic day of your life and the dress that made it magical. We carefully clean your dress with gentle, eco-friendly solvents, preserve it to prevent future damage to its fabric, and place it in a viewing chest for easy storage. Don’t let your bridal gown suffer from the damaging effects of time and the environment. Let our cleaning, preserving, and restoration services help you sustain your gown’s splendor.

We Use Perc-Free Products for a Healthier Dress and Cleaner World

Memories Wedding Gown Preservation does not use harsh chemicals on your dress. We use earth-friendly and hazardous-free dry cleaning solutions to make your dress feel soft and smell great. It is good for you, your gown and the environment.

How to Begin Preserving your Wedding Dress

Memories Gown Preservation Kits are made easy for you. They include everything you need to pack and ship your dress to us. First choose either our standard kit, the Royal Line, or our upgraded kit, the Platinum Line.


“Deciding to preserve one of my most prized possessions – It came down to one word TRUST!! Trust in the company and its guarantee… The cleaning process uses no harsh chemicals… Trust that my dress would come back bright and soft with no dry cleaning smell… I would highly recommend Memories Gown Preservation.”

, Houston, TX

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