How to Preserve a Lifetime of Wedding-day Memories

Dress shopping is a pre-wedding milestone. Finding a dress often takes the longest time, but when it comes to cleaning it, you shouldn’t have to wait. Don’t keep your gown tucked away in a plastic bag or hung in the back of your closet. We can help you keep your wedding gown beautiful for years to come. Contact us to learn where you can purchase one of our bridal gown preservation kits. Or purchase our Custom Line online now.

Preserve your Wedding Gown in Three Easy Steps

Follow these three easy steps and receive your sparkling clean dress Within 2-4 weeks after it arrives at our facility, you will receive your beautifully displayed dress in our keepsake box. If your dress needs repairs, please contact us and we will give you a quote.

  1. Purchase Your Kit From An Authorized Dealer Or Online Now

    Choose either the Royal Line or Custom Line gown preservation kit.

  2. Pack your Shipping Container

    After purchasing your kit, complete the order form and your pre-paid shipping label. Please include your e-mail address in the form to receive an e-mail delivery confirmation.

    Pack your dress, optional accessories, and order form inside the garment bag. Place the bag inside the box and seal the box with the provided packing tape.

  3. Mail Us your Gown

    Apply your pre-paid shipping label on the box. Bring it to any UPS location or call UPS to have the box picked up for an additional fee. Click here to read more about shipping your wedding gown preservation kit to Memories and tracking the box through the UPS online tracking system.

    Within a month or so, you will receive your beautifully displayed dress in our keepsake box. Store the box in a cool, dry place and away from light. We guarantee that your dress will not yellow, but if it does, send it back to us and we will clean it at no cost.

    Please read our FAQ page for more information regarding wedding gown storage and preservation tips.

Check out our video for more information